TikTok Ads: Finance Industry in Southeast Asia

FinTech solutions and the digital revolution of financial services are rapidly gaining traction in Southeast Asia. On TikTok, we can observe a similar pattern. The TikTok community actively seeks financial services and guidance on everything from credit card recommendations to insurance plan reviews to the best ways to finance loans. Finance discussions are already taking place on TikTok. It is now up to brands to take ownership and promote financial literacy.

This course will reveal the consumer insights and content trends of the finance-savvy community on TikTok and how major financial organizations have used TikTok For Business to meet their goals.

At the end of this course, you will learn about:

  • Deep dive into the latest financial trends, gaps, opportunities & drivers across Southeast Asia
  • The TikTok opportunity: uncover audience category insights and content trends
  • 4-step advertising strategy guide on TikTok for financial brands 
  • Case studies and creative best practices 
  • Fireside chat with financial brands clients 

Source: TikTok Unboxed

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Difficulty: Beginner

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